Commercial Services

We offer commercial construction services as general contractors Reno NV and have been helping retail and business owners utilize every square foot of retail space to maximize profits since 2008. We specialize in tenant improvements and up-fits, and your end result is a turnkey finished store ready for product, merchandise or whatever it is that you are selling! We understand that tenant improvement construction is done to configure a space to better suit the tenants’ needs and often is required prior to actual buildout. Keeping this in mind, the construction of your project will be evaluated regularly and with the owner on site when possible. Reports will include inspection results, pictures of project progress if applicable, and any schedule updates or notifications of potential delays.

When it comes to operating as general contractors Reno NV working with leased commercial space, we know monthly leases are costly and the importance of getting the store opened as soon as possible is a MUST! We are familiar with requests to build custom furniture, floor displays, custom wall decor and any creative ideas you want to add to personalize your store or office space. We know the importance of minimal disruption to other businesses as well and are prepared to work during the night if need be.

There are many variables that come into play, including coordinating delivery of equipment and materials, Industry standards and restrictions, Certificates of Insurance, mall/Lease management operational requirements and more. All of which requires a significant level of organization, communication and excellent time management, something we pride ourselves on.

Our experience with large mall investors has allowed us the opportunity to work with some of the bigger Real Estate Corporations and Franchises in Resort locations; North Star, Heavenly, Vail and Breckenridge just to name a few. Our goal is to truly be a partner with everyone that we work with and proactively address challenges to the budget and schedule in a strategic and fair manner.


General Contractors Reno NV | Commercial Services FAQs

How do I know if my project is a good fit for working with you?

We work with many business owners who own a property that is in need of commercial improvements or investors looking to build a commercial building for any number of reasons. Many times our clients are not the building owners but actually tenants of a building and are needing to improve the space they are leasing through utilizing out general contractors Reno NV services on a commercial basis. If you find yourself as an investor looking to build a new commercial property, an owner looking to improve an existing property, or a tenant needing to up-fit your leased space to meet the needs of your business then please call us or fill out the form here on our website today.


Residential Services

We also offer unique custom residential services. Do you have a family cabin, mountain home, hunting cabin or other rental property that needs a little help? We are willing to drive the distance to go the extra mile and help update or transform your space. Many customers have asked for updates on their second homes and investment properties which are often listed for rent on various sites like VRBO, Airbnb and through Real Estate agencies. Whatever your level of need, we are patient with the process, willing to make the drive and complete the tedious work so that your investment is up and running as soon as possible! We are always up to attempting new things and will work with you on creating your ideal space; indoors or out. One of our most interesting requests so far was for custom Yurts in the mountains of Upper Ojai, CA, which is used as a destination hot spot on VRBO. If you have a unique request don’t hesitate to ask!

We also offer custom barn doors. Are you looking to add some separation between rooms, in your hallway or in your bathroom? Or maybe you have another location in mind. A barn door is a great way to achieve that, plus it adds a little character. One customer even branded theirs with their cow brander unique to their ranch. We will work with you to design the door to your liking and help you select the right hardware for your barn door placement. Need a REAL barn door for your barn outside? We have a vendor that will fabricate a custom steel framed door for your livestock barn or shed.

Other Residential services include Patio Covers plus various affordable outdoor solutions. This could be a traditional patio cover, pergola, or a unique combination of the two. We can build a custom outdoor kitchen, fire pits, bar, and just about anything you can come up with. We also offer quality refined home remodeling. If you want to move or remove a wall, expand a room, convert a garage into a room, convert an open space into a bedroom or office, or upgrade/update your kitchen or bathroom we can do that too, just ask! You can expect a clean and tidy work area, as we take great pride in organization and cleanliness in creating and updating your ideal living space. We understand the importance of this as we strive to minimize the “dust’ so to speak, as much as possible. We want you to be happy with the process as well as the finished project, so your input is of utmost importance!!


General Contractors Reno NV | Residential Services FAQs

What are the best types of residential projects to work alongside Tri Peak Construction on?

While we are very handy, we are not handy men. We are general contractors Reno NV can trust to provide high quality remodeling services for your home. We do lots of outdoor living projects and additions, kitchen remodels, and bathroom remodels for our residential clientele. If you find yourself needing any of these services do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to provide an estimate for you.