What does a commercial space upfit or improvement look like?

Usually when a tenant begins their retail lease and moves into the store, (T.I.) Tenant improvement parameters will typically have already been discussed with general contractors Reno NV. With that in mind, the tenant usually has a pretty good idea of what they would like to accomplish, or at least the extent of improvements that need to be done. Here are some of the possible changes that may need to be made to the space. Floor demo and installation, what type of flooring would you like? Commercial carpet, tile, vinyl? Lighting is very important; it makes all the difference in your sales/displays allowing you to create focal points. Veneers and themed wall decorations are also popular to better personalize and or highlight your brand. Other considerations include interior and exterior colors, ceiling elevations, a T-Bar or open vaulted ceiling, adding, or removing walls, adding a bathroom or mop sink, and the actual turn around time for the T.I. and or upfit etc. These are just a few of the things you may want to consider before signing your lease. As always, the City or County you are working with will determine the scope and boundaries of the materials used on your project as well.

North Star Tenant Improvement

This particular retail space was originally a clothing store at North Star Resorts in Truckee CA, that added a dressing room & a wall to have a large window display. Once we started construction on the franchise store called “Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shops,” as general contractors Reno NV we removed one of the dressing rooms and three quarters of display window, to allow customers to look into the store to see all the products. That way, the people walking by are not just seeing a few items, we want street traffic to walk by and see all the products the store has to offer. We do like to include a window display, so they can decorate as the different seasons come and go.

Mammoth Store Retail Space and Custom Furniture

Looking to create the perfect retail space but can’t quite find the right furniture or fixtures to match your store’s brand? Custom furniture may be what you need. In this store, displays were required for various items throughout the space; some of which was pretty tight. We worked with the general contractors Reno NV client to create a product that was reflective of their needs and their brand. As a result, we were able to make displays fit in the spaces that were provided to maximize profit.

Front Porch Remodel for Residential

Would you like to have a warm and inviting front porch? That was the goal with this project. Tom and Tammy were amazing clients to work for, one of those clients that you can’t wait to get to the job and build them their dream. Tom had the plans stamped and ready to build, which will save the customer time and money, especially since architectural drawings have gone computerized making it easy to send to subs and get multiple bids. With this remodel, curb appeal was also a factor since this new porch entry would be visible from the street. It has an open airy feel, yet a cozy country touch to it that simplified it just enough and made it homey. Get your quote for a front porch remodel from Tri Peak, the general contractors Reno NV can trust.

Residential Remodels and Updates

A residential home remodel may be a simple update or a major overhaul. This may look like moving or removing a wall, expanding a room, converting a garage into a room, converting an open space into a bedroom or office, or upgrading/updating your kitchen or bathroom. Whether it is your primary home, investment property, a VRBO you want to add some unique touches to, or a hunting cabin far out in the woods, your home is your castle, for better or for worse. As such, you want it to flow and feel esthetically pleasing to you and your family and be inviting to guests. Sometimes a simple change such as a bathroom or kitchen update is just the thing. What this looks like is up to you! A complete remodel, whether it is a bathroom, kitchen, or room conversion has many moving parts, as all details are very important. It is helpful when the customer does their homework, has a good understanding of what they want and is an active participant in the material selection process. This will make the remodel with us as your general contractors Reno NV go smoothly and efficiently, saving you both time and money! What is not to like about that!
Remodels and updates not only help to increase the home’s value, but also gives you a chance to remove all the old materials and begin fresh and allow for best construction practices that improve airflow and include appropriate moisture barriers. Other factors to consider are your old doors and windows and the amount of warm and cold air they let into and out of your home. In many ways a simple remodel could help you improve your heating and cooling efficiency and a welcomed result of that, is lower heating and cooling bills.

Remodeling can also be a reboot for our brain, simply because it gives us a fresh start. Changes to our physical environment often stir change within us too. What this looks like is different for everyone, but this could be changes in routine, habits, and the dynamic of your household; especially if you are enlarging a common area which allows for a more communal living space.

Patio Covers

Would you like to spend more time in your backyard? Most people get a little stir-crazy sitting in front of their computer inside of their home. Since most people are working from home nowadays, why not build a Patio Cover to protect you from those hot August nights and take your work outdoors! We, as general contractors Reno NV, can customize your outdoor living space to fit your needs. We all have creature comforts we can’t live without and if that means your patio must have a TV for the game, a mini fridge for condiments and beverages, a BBQ, fire pit, countertops or more, then we will work with you to make this happen and create an affordable outdoor solution.

Additional Work