How It Works

Our Craftsmanship & Our Process

Tri Peak Construction & Design, Inc. renovates commercial retail spaces and residential indoor and outdoor living spaces. We work with the business owners to modify, improve, and transform their retail space to reflect their vision and their brand. We also work with the homeowner to improve their floor plan via updates and remodels to their kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or their backyard patio covers and offer other affordable outdoor solutions. Tri Peak Construction & Design, Inc. also has unique custom residential offerings, just ask us and we will let you know if we can accommodate requests that fall outside of our main services.

Tri Peak Construction & Design, Inc. walks you through the remodeling process. Whether the remodel is a tenant improvement, updating a room in your home, or adding a patio cover to your yard, the basic process is the same. You can expect to go through a planning, demolition, construction, and cleanup phase. Because Tri Peak Construction & Design, Inc stays involved with each aspect, particularly when it comes to selecting materials, you can ensure your general contractors Reno NV project will stay on track as well as on budget.

We pride ourselves on organization and detail, both of which are very important in the planning phase and overall design-build process. This is the time when changes are made and finalized. We ensure that you have made all the changes you deem necessary to suit your vision before we begin to move forward with the demolition.

When working in retail spaces and or commercial buildings we know the importance of safety in an organized work area and minimal disruption to other businesses during demolition, as such, we are prepared to work during the night if need be. Similarly, with residential remodels and outdoor projects you can expect a clean and tidy work area during demolition, as we strive to minimize the “dust’ so to speak, as much as possible. While this phase is an important component to the overall remodel, we want you satisfied with the process just as much as the finished product!

This physical process of building or rebuilding is the tangible creation of your planning phase. The general contractors Reno NV construction phase is a great time to remove all the old materials and begin fresh and allow for best construction practices. It makes economic sense to choose energy-efficient and eco-friendly products like appliances, windows, front doors, and garage doors that offer tax rebates, which may save you money on your utility bills. While this phase is labor intensive it is where our craftsmanship shines through, as the necessary moving parts come together to complete your vision.

Here at Tri Peak Construction & Design, Inc. the cleanup process is just as important as all other phases in the renovation. We work with all trades to clean up excess project materials, tools, and trash in a timely and respectable manner to make a safe, organized job site. This is so you can begin the process of decorating and adding the finishing touches to your general contractors Reno NV project.

Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in your life through the construction process. In doing so, we hope to create a space that is unique to you and your business or residential space. One of the most satisfying portions of our general contractors Reno NV work is when the job is 100% completed and watching the look on the customers face as they walk through the project and see their vision in front of them, not on a computer screen or on paper. This reaction is why we love our job and can’t wait to start the next project. We strive to accommodate our customers’ needs with integrity, honesty and the best finished product the industry has to offer.


How long does it take to get through a project with you?

Obviously it is dependent on the type of project. As general contractors Reno NV can trust we can confidently say that we offer a free estimate to ensure our clients so that we can give an honest and accurate answer to this question.


Who will we work with through the process?

We have high quality employees that work with our clients including the ownership of our company. Regardless of who you deal with at Tri Peak Construction you can rest assured that we have a proven track record and system for getting through construction projects of all types. These systems combined with a strong and strict set of company core values we are able to train anyone with a coachable attitude and a hunger for growth how to do construction. For our clients’ sake we always have oversight from ownership if any aspect of the project in question has been delegated to a team member.


When can we get started?

We can get you on the schedule to begin producing an estimate with very short notice generally. If you are in need of commercial or residential construction services then please reach out to us by phone or by filling out the form here on our website so that we can get an initial meeting scheduled to walk through the goals and details of what you are envisioning for your project.


Where do you do business?

We are located in the market as general contractors Reno NV but we work with clients nationwide on certain projects. The projects we typically go out of state for are commercial in nature and involve upfitting existing spaces for business owners needing to transform their leased or owned property to better suit the needs of their business and clientele. If you are outside of the state of Nevada and in need of a reliable contractor in your location to help you with a commercial buildout or upfitting project then call our office today or fill out the from on our website to get in touch with us about scheduling a time to fly out and provide an estimate for you.