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What can I expect when I call Tri Peak Construction & Design, Inc.?

If you have found yourself in the market for a high quality construction firm and you have been searching amongst all the available general contractors Reno NV has to offer then rest assured you’ll find that we are friendly and easy going. Our team will assist you on your project and answer any questions you may have. We will work diligently to direct you to the best options and products available to suit your commercial or residential needs in the Reno and Tahoe areas. We want to help our customers get the best price, quality work, and continue doing business with their family and friends for years to come.


How can I contact Tri Peak Construction & Design, Inc.?

If you are in the Reno-Tahoe and surrounding areas you can reach us via phone at 775-376-3190, via email at or click on the link on our website and we will return your call or general contractors Reno NV email inquiry within 24 hours to discuss your Reno-Tahoe construction needs.


What is the benefit of contacting Tri Peak Construction & Design, Inc now?

We take great pride in organization and cleanliness when creating and updating your ideal commercial or residential space. Time is money, and good things take time. That said, your time is valuable too, we pride ourselves in making the general contractors Reno NV construction process run smoothly! Why not start the transformation process today!


I recently purchased into a franchised company and will be needing work done to my retail space, can you help me?

We have completed “upfits” or “franchise build outs” for more than 8 years and know the importance of getting you open before you start paying rent! We have a standard structured check-off list that helps the construction process flow smoothly and efficiently. Given our experience and skills, your result is a turnkey finished store ready for product, merchandise or whatever it is that you are selling. As general contractors Reno NV professionals we specialize in working with franchises. Visit our About Us page to discover more about our history and what we accel at building for and with our clients.


What is the process from start to finish?

Once you contact us, we will first discuss what it is you are looking to accomplish and how Tri Peak Construction & Design, Inc fits into that equation. Next, we will schedule an appointment for a free estimate to come out and look at your retail or residential space you would like to transform. It is helpful during the estimate if you have photos and or a general idea of the style or theme you like so that we can tailor the initial estimate to reflect realistic prices. If you have a custom creation in mind, we would love to see it to fruition. Give us the details at the estimate and we will work with you to create a bid that accurately represents the project you are requesting. We will schedule the actual job and go over our general contractors Reno NV timelines once the contract is signed, deposit is made, and if necessary appropriate permits are obtained.


Who is the ideal client for Tri Peak Construction?

Our ideal client is someone who values our experience but has high expectations of quality. We rise to every occasion to produce above average results and we want to work with clients that appreciate our dedication to that end. Our most ideal client already has a clear picture of what they want to achieve before reaching out to us. In the event that a client already has a set of architectural plans designed to the specifications of their vision, we are able to produce an accurate scope of work and timeline much more quickly than if that work has not yet been completed. Our ideal clients already have the land they wish to improve in their possession


What is the process like to reach out to us, and what is our preferred method of communication?

We pride ourselves on having quick communication with interested parties that reach out to us. In the event that you have reached out to us through our website we will be in contact with you within 24 hours to address your initial needs and evaluate if we are the best fit for your project. If you call us we always return calls promptly and on a daily basis. Reaching out is simple, calling or filling out a website form are the only available methods. If you find yourself needing some help on a construction project and need to work with general contractors Reno NV can trust then stop waiting and start reaching out because we can help you.


What happens after reaching out?

After you reach out and we get in touch you will be asked a series of questions to help us determine if we are the right fit for you and your project. If it turns out that we are a good fit then our next step is to review the job site if applicable. If that is not possible we will schedule a time to do an in depth analysis of your vision for the project and utilize that information during the process of generating an accurate estimate of the work to be performed.


When can you schedule initial walkthroughs and estimate appointments?

We can schedule these types of appointments on fairly short notice. Within a few days is our ongoing goal. This only varies if we are having to go out of state to visit a project and even in those cases we are able to make this happen within a few weeks.


What happens after the estimating portion of the process is completed?

We put together a proposal or “bid” to present to our prospective clients once the estimating has been completed in house. This is the meeting where we review with the client and sign any documentation needed to commence working on the project.


How do you deal with change orders?

We try our best to avoid these through tackling hang ups to the vision up front. Every time a client changes their minds on something that has already been agreed upon and acted upon it creates delays to the timeline and oftentimes budgetary increases. The clearer we can be at the contract signing phase, the less issues you will experience in trying to get your project completed on time and on budget.