General Contractors Reno NV|Typing construction is Diversified in the types of construction projects we have completed from the ground floor up we have completed many projects starting with just a basic building or high-rise. We can do both the interior and the exterior of any building. We can construct the inside of a building that’s already existing or we can take care of all of its exterior needs. Some of our projects have been renovating a hair salon or a restaurant patio remodel. If you have the right business model we can help you reconstruct it multiple times if you want to sell franchises of your business. We can follow the plans that create your brand name, and catapult your business into a success. Phenomenal Services what we want to provide. The difference between success and failure is the quality of work your construction company provides.

General Contractors Reno NV| Creating an original space for your dreams is what we want to accomplish. The projects we can complete are endless. Tri Peak Construction wants to create the industry standard for what’s expected with quality and experience. Our friendly staff can help you create the space that you’re looking for. We can build the plan that is most comfortable for the work you will be doing. The interior of a physical fitness project may not include very many walls but it may need reinforcement for the weight of the equipment. You may want to add a shower facility for the patrons who visit. This way they can come before work and clean up before they go there. Or any time of day they can get ready for whatever their Day brings after their workout.

General Contractors Reno NV|We want your physical fitness facility to be the go to business for your clients’ workouts. The safety of your clients is a priority. We can install slip proof flooring, or a springboard floor to strengthen the catch of the weights. A trapeze type of cords and cables would be perfect for physical therapy and training of the handicap patrons. These acrobatic contraptions can be used to help strengthen them and strengthen your business at the same time. These unique style physical fitness Apparatuses could be the special sauce that makes your physical fitness facility the primary business the physically challenged would bring their business too.

Special request equipment is what makes our job sometimes challenging but the most rewarding. We enjoy complex projects where we can use our creativity and in turn make your challenges less difficult. We have a great design team at Tri Peak Construction that can put together a plan for your Construction project. When we can facilitate the various types of contractors needed on a special project that would accommodate patrons who are the most challenged, we feel like we’re doing our best work. It’s the most rewarding when you can better someone else’s life and make it easier for them on a day-to-day basis. The disabled have to adapt to all challenges; it’s one way of making their life A little more simple. Rather a lift or a conveyor belt that helps take the weight off their shoulders or puts the swiftness in their feet, it’s a great way to start their day. Contact or You can reach us at (775) 376-3190

General Contractors Reno NV | What is the goal of your special Project?

Are you an entertainment facility where people need to use their imagination? Does the creativity of your contractor impact the success of your business? Will you be hosting the birthdays of little children where a bright and colorful atmosphere gives them a euphoric feeling of fun and excitement. Are you trying to create a memorable experience? Our design team can create an artistic environment full of color and excitement. We can add texture and coordinate the coloring for an animal theme or a Paisley path to a fun enclosure. We are able to construct walls where more than one family could be having parties. For the primary activities you could keep it open space. This way all children can be seen for their safety. We can build various tables for different art projects such as bubble art where a waterproof table, Using special epoxies that would prevent any leakage of liquids and Bubbles used. Or, a place where children paint ceramic pieces and they need to be left to dry, a table out of the way of play later, may be the best option.

General Contractors Reno NV Your little client could be inspired to be the next Van Gogh. But, for the little ones who are a little more active, you may want to make a space where they can go bouncing or wallowing in a pool of beautiful colored balls. Tri Peak Construction can build the perfect pool to contain them and the more active child. We can construct little pallets and paint brush holders, as well as an area where all the various colors of paint can be stored. We can build small client size chairs and tables rather than the grown up type. This will get their creative juices flowing. In the area where gifts can be given and birthday cake and drinks can be served, we would happily construct a special gift table where things can stay organized and out of the way.

General Contractors Reno NV Installing a drain in the center of the room with a slightly slanted floor, will make cleaning up much easier. As we know, accidents happen with little fingers. We want to make it a simple solution for you to mop floors and wash it all away. We realize the goal is to make it easy for you to enjoy your little clients, their friends and their family rather than spending time cleaning up messes. Tri Peak Construction wants your parties to look effortlessly done in order to create repeat business.

Being a wonderful influence on young people and encouraging them to have a creative mind to do their best work while having a great time, is important for us to help you accomplish. Someday your inspiration may create a desire in your little client to do the same. What wonderful work this truly is. or You can reach us at (775) 376-3190