General Contractors Reno NV Contractors Reno NV At Tri Peak Construction we offer commercial construction services. We help retail owners utilize every square foot of their space. We specialize in improvements and uplifts. Our finished product leaves you with a turn key finish space ready for your products or whatever merchandise you are selling. We understand the construction needs are to better serve the tenant. Your project will be elevated to the priority and importance you deserve with the owner on site. One of our specialties is customized furniture for your space. We can build customized simple or intricate chairs and tables. We can construct new walls or move existing walls creating a cozy breakfast nook. We can create customized shelving for storing products or for the products you are selling. We can build a two-sided fireplace with tables on either side adding warmth and ambiance to the room.

General Contractors Reno NV In the case of a production company or podcasting, we can make cases for all of your speakers, sound equipment, table top laptops, and a space perfect for putting you in the zone. Our customized furniture leads to the efficiency of your business. If you would like your customers to enjoy an outdoor space we can add a pergola, cozy little breakfast nooks to enjoy french pastries and your customer’s favorite latte. You can put your personal touch on each table with your choice of fabrics for umbrellas giving your tables a personal touch. We are not just your average handyman. We are here to listen to your creative ideas and your true construction needs. Tripeak Construction specializes in commercial projects that improve your business and the community.

General Contractors Reno NV Let us help you create your dog training facility. Tri Peak Construction can build your agility challenge course, cubicles for training dogs separately, install artificial turf for a running area, as well as spectator benches where pet owners are able to observe your training. We can create water features such as waterfalls and a pond for training a hunting dog. We can install a chain linked area or non-breakable glass area where the more aggressive dog is better controlled but still observable. Creating a private area where pet owners can receive one-on-one instruction and test their pet in privacy, would lead both the pet and the owner to have confidence by reducing the pressure from others watching. We want to create a space for both the pet and the owner that will ease tension and anxiety which builds a safer environment. Pets can be tested In a space to see if they are able to get along with other domestic animals in the home or small children. A hunting dog could experience birds and wild animals to see if they would point them out or chase them. We want to create an area where your pet is going to be successful trying out and using their new skills.

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Pets want to please their trainer and their owners. Creating a space that exemplifies a realistic situation is what Tri Peak Construction wants to develop for you. We will strive for making a much more conducive space for all involved to be safe, comfortable and successful in all their training. Our contact information: or (775) 376-3190

General Contractors Reno NV Tri Peak Construction can create the most energizing and inspiring space that will motivate your staff. For example a real estate company, where sales people need to contact leads. We can build standing podiums to keep them on their feet and energized, rather than comfortable and slothful in a chair. We can install large plate glass windows where sunshine abodes,creating a bright shiny atmosphere. We can construct walls with inspiring and motivating slogans or framed posters with your top producer’s information, showing where they started and where they are today. There is nothing more inspiring than seeing the actual numbers of the people who have gone before them and became successful. Adding a quote from them on how they got there would enhance the purpose of the art. We can incorporate custom lighting for a bold and motivating environment.

General Contractors Reno NV Increase your sales with the design of your beauty salon and Spa By adding custom built tables. We would love to create a quiet and relaxing area where you can do personal massage or facials by strategically locating boxes for your great sound system Incorporating a variety of nature’s best sounds like waves crashing on the beach or thunder and lighting in the rain. It is the perfect way to honor our creator and provider. Adding natural lighting and realistic plants add to the experience of relaxing in nature. Add a water feature to the corner of the room and let the natural sound of water flowing in the room relax your customer. We want your customer to enjoy their experience so much that they return for more. We can paint clouds on your ceiling or add pegboards with tiny lights to look like the stars.

General Contractors Reno NV Do you prefer an area that looks like a garden? We can build you window boxes or raised beds within the walls of your business for flowers and plants giving a tropical feel. Utilize the space for natural herbs and spices which would add to the aroma of the room. Infuse the room with the lights and smells that will create a memory in your customer. We can install a sauna Where customers can relax with warm towels to expel all toxins. which hinder your customers’ health. We want your customer to leave feeling refreshed and satisfied. The environment we help you create will allow them to feel as though they have been on a vacation. We could add a custom heated stand next to the massage table where they can have their hands in a paraffin wax or hot oil treatment while you massage their aches and pains. Shelving for lovely smelling candles to catch the melting wax or heated oils with a delicious aroma can be built to create a long lasting memory.

These sights and sounds create the perfect imprint on your customer’s brain to build a clientele who want to return again and again. Make it an experience for both you and your client by going to our website or calling: or (775) 376-3190