General Contractors Reno NV Tripeak construction knows New Shower installation to commercial maintenance, we provides an array of services designed to meet all your reconstruction needs. The family oriented nature of our business guarantees a friendly atmosphere throughout the entire process while delivering exceptional results that stand up to even the most rigorous tests. When you’re looking for reliable remodelers in Nevada, trust the experts at Tripeak Construction with all your projects—large or small! Schedule a consultation today and let us help you get started on creating the perfect remodel solution for your property! We use quality products.We offer a range of possibilities that can meet any budget. Our product installations come with a lifetime warranty, and our workmanship and tile work both come with warranties. Since we have an aftercare program in place, we’re prepared to come back and provide support when the renovation is complete. Our certified craftsmen at Tripeak Construction can plan, manage, and oversee every aspect of the work and facilitate a straightforward remodeling experience.

General Contractors Reno NV If you’re looking to do a full bathroom remodel in Reno, turn to Tripeak Construction. Our bathroom remodelers can work with your budget and help you customize a luxurious final result. As the local branch of a reputable national business, we’re proud to belong to a brand that is one of America’s top remodeling companies. We have a showroom that is conveniently located. For us, a successful project begins with the first customer meeting. When you start to think about bath upgrade plans, you can schedule a consultation with our expert designers. We’ll help you make smart design decisions and provide solutions to any issues you’re facing. Our goal will be to increase the beauty and safety of your bathroom.

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We offer beautiful and functional solutions that can reduce the risk of injuries in your bathroom. We’ve created a range of innovative products designed to accommodate your needs. We can install: Seamless grab bars and shower seats Shower bases with non-slip technology Deeper walk-in tubs Tripeak serves Reno, NV, and surrounding areas. Call us today, and one of our bathroom remodelers can help you understand your options for materials and fixtures. In an effort to make bath renovation a reality for more homeowners, we have financing options available. Whether the upgrade is for your comfort or to increase the value of your home before a sale, we’ll be committed to excellence in our workmanship every step of the way.Make your dream a reality. Give yourself a fabulous shower. Let us come in and make your Shower beautiful. We are friendly, fast and professional and stay 100% respectful for the entire time we’re there. We want to make your dream a reality. Find your moment in the day to visit us at or (775) 376-3190

General Contractors Reno NV We at Tripeak Construction want to help you heal in the comfort of your own home. We can give you the experience of a real spa. Our people come on time , they work on time and we can give you consultation as needed. Our installers are wonderful. Parts and products are available. They are the best quality. We will make it a great experience. Our friendly employees want to make your day. We provide easy design meetings, great options For the materials that are available that will look great. Our scheduling options will be convenience whatever time is the best for you. Our project coordinators will be quick to respond to any of your needs or questions.

General Contractors Reno NV Our installers are friendly and knowledgeable. It’ll be a fabulous experience working with Tripeak Construction. We want you to be pleased with our quality and workmanship. We have better quality products for your pleasure to complete your room. Install materials are a nice price and a better value then comparable installers. It’ll be beautiful and you’ll love it. Quality products and workmanship are very professional. You’ll want to say the job was well done. We want you to be satisfied and to hire us again. Take out that old tub and put in a nice shower. We’ll give you the process, Steps by step Answering every question along the way. We want you to be happy you chose this.

General Contractors Reno NV We’ll give you an accurate quote from Tripeak Construction when we coordinate the job. It’ll be a timely and neat installation. We take great care in taking care of your home making sure everything is protected while we do our work. We will do all the demolition cleanup and carry away all the trash from any demolition. We won’t make your wait challenging. It’s going to be well worth it. Your bathroom will be beautiful after it’s remodeled. We want it to be the way you want it to be. You will be pleased with the outcome. Our people are well informed and they enjoy what they do.

General Contractors Reno NV The process will be easy to navigate after you meet with our consultants and go over the plan. We are pleased and courteous to include you. I called me a second to none. The choice of design is great. We have designers on hand to help you coordinate your colors and various textures. Our designers are amazing and quick to respond. You’re going to want to get started today. Don’t regret not calling us today Because we want to get started on your dreams. Rather it is the fixtures or the tub itself or a sink or a cabinet, new toilets, we can do it all. Relax while we take your worries away. Let us know your preference As we take everything and make it great for you. Whatever your taste we can work with your budget. It’s going to be great working with tripeak construction.
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