Traffic construction is the best fit for you because out of all the General Contractors Reno NV has to offer we give you the most variety. We are the best at what we do because we care about our customers and we give so much variety. The possibilities are endless because we offer the ability to build a new commercial property or innovate those that are already existing. Most teams specialize in only one or the other but we specialize in both as well as residential rebuilds, patio covers, and real estate properties. These are all great ways for us to help you build your future revenue.

Choosing to work with us isn’t just choosing a General Contractors Reno NV, it’s choosing to boost your profits in the future. By choosing us to help do a buildup of your current Commercial Business you’re choosing to create a cohesive space that allows people to spend more time comfortably inside of the property. It gives them the ability to shop around or want to stay longer and relax. nobody wants to say somewhere that is cluttered and outdated, so call us to give you a free estimate on the remodel job you need. Those within the service area get free estimates as well as a 15-day price guarantee.

Tri Peak construction prides ourselves on putting the customer first. We are the best fit because we are so passionate about integrity, quality, and our workmanship. I want to make sure that our work ethic is next to none. so we are the best fit for you because as General Contractors Reno NV we work so hard to make your dreams a reality and make your money work for you. We invest in quality materials when purchasing for your projects so that there’s less need for replacement down the road. Nobody wants to have to replace a recent remodel within 5-day years so that’s why we find it so important to purchase quality materials.

not only that but we make sure to purchase ethical and eco-friendly materials as well. how could we not when it’s the world that we’re building on. If you have any hesitations you can always go online to see our frequently asked questions to see if this is the perfect fit for you. We believe We are the best fit for you because of how hard we work to make sure that everything is customized to you. Not only do we have vendors that fabricate custom steel frame doors for livestock Barns and sheds but we also always listen to your ideas and suggestions and find the best way to make them come to life. we want to make sure that we cater to you.

We are confident that this is the best fit for you. you can go online to see the gallery of all the satisfied customers that we have helped so far. There are video reviews on our website as well as the link to take you to or Google reviews. We have a current five-star rating on Google and it’s no surprise because we are so good at what we do. you can go Online to or you can give us a call at 775-376-3190. We also have a contact form on our website that you are able to fill out and we will get back to you within around 24 hours.

General Contractors Reno NV | Here to help

We’re here to help you with your renovation dreams. At tri peak construction we make sure that someone oversees our team members to ensure that they are staying coachable and are crushing the delegated tasks they’ve been given. General Contractors Reno NV don’t have the systems and processes that we have. Every company is different but ours is the best because of how careful we are in utilizing these systems and processes to ensure streamlined and detail oriented projects.

We want to make sure that we customize each project for the client. so we take very careful measures to walk them through the process from start to finish. We are always willing to work with a client through the process and make sure that the team has oversight from the ownership so that if there’s any part of the project that isn’t adding up it can be fixed or reworked. you’re the best at what we do because we care about how our work makes you feel. We want you to feel comfortable and at peace in your new space whether it be a commercial business or residential home General Contractors Reno NV won’t give you the same product that we do. we give you the final product that you are hoping for. and we put you first.

It can take a range of time to go through this process. We like to make sure that we are transparent throughout this process and that there is only a 15-day time limit on estimates. The market changes very quickly and this can cause Lumber and other materials to fluctuate. so a project that usually cost $100 could quickly turn into $200 this is why we are up front about the 15-day time limit on estimates. We want to make sure that you’re happy with the project timeline and materials while still honoring your wallet. That’s something not many General Contractors Reno NV can do. We put people first.

If you want a company that will work for you, look no further. We are the best company for you because of how much we care about your dream. Most companies want to push their dream but not us. We want to help you achieve yours. all the way from commercial businesses to complete builds to residential we do it all. We can make your outdoor patio space the place to be and we can make your rental properties the only place people will want to stay in the area.

our work speaks for itself so when you choose to go with us you make the right choice. go online to our website at or give us a call at 775-376-3190. if you don’t have time to call, go online to our contact us page on the website and fill out the information form. We will have somebody reach out to you in around 24 hours to give you a free estimate and talk to you about your project. We are excited to help you in the pursuit of Excellence.