Welcome to Tri Peak Construction Reno NV where we are here for your residential and General Contractors Reno NV Commercial construction needs. My name is James Ellis. Most people know me as Cody. Starting at the young age of 10, my uncle Charlie inspired me into building. I began to create and build things on our family ranch. it was around this time that I started working at our family feed store the “The Mill” with my grandpa. I helped to reroof and repair floors assisted in extending the life of a 100-year-old landmark. Today it is an agricultural Museum. It holds many memories for our family. I love the finer art of an old barn. I enjoy all things rustic.

Before starting Tri Peak Construction NV I was working Construction as a general contractor in Reno Nevada. with a company I could trust. During this time, I helped do roofing repairs, repair of floors as well as helped to build pole barns. We can help you create the home you’re looking for here at Tripeak Construction. We have a team of professionals that can help you decide what is best for your General Contractors Reno NV residential or commercial remodeling needs. We can help you create the home you’re looking for. Collectively this is what started my career in carpentry. I enjoy working with wood of all types and appreciate the finer art of creating all things new.

Beginning over 20 years ago, we here at Tri Peak Construction Reno NV homes have the General Contractors Reno NV experience that you need and rely on for a job well done. I’ve worked in many different cities since 1994 from commercial roofing structures for concrete tilt up buildings to wooden steel trusses for both commercial and residential. Prior to being a general contractor in Reno Nevada we did construction and remodeling statewide. We can help you in remodeling the inside of your home. We have experience from 2015 to the present..

I officially began my construction career in Southern California in 1994 as we collaborated on Rocket Fizz up-fits throughout the US. It was evident my background in rustic buildings, corrugated metal and rough edge details was a perfect fit. Here at Tri Peak Construction Reno NV and design we completed over 100 franchise stores. The ventures with the franchisees we have done and various residential models has inspired the expansion of our business to include affordable outdoor solutions such as patio covers, outdoor kitchens, and more. In 2017 we decided to move to, what we refer to as, the Wild West in the Reno Tahoe area. We further expanded our business in 2020. We made it official and added a Nevada license to our company name.

As we continue to grow we would love working with you to help you with your needs.You can find our website at https://tripeakconstruction.com or (775) 376-3190

General Contractors Reno NV | Our Team Knows It All

As a typical Construction Company, Tri Peak Construction Reno NV has gone to great lengths to continue to be adaptable, motivated, and responsive to our customers needs. We pride ourselves in being dependable, ethical, and a timely company. We are continuously transforming the way we operate in an effort to improve our ability to provide exceptional workmanship in both commercial and residential services. Our Commercial Services range from furniture installs to basic uplifts. We can complete tenant Improvements requiring demolition and remodeling to franchise build-outs, throughout the United States Residential Services include patio covers plus various outdoor Solutions quality refined General Contractors Reno NV rooms additions, room upgrades and remodeling bathroom updates. Barn doors, Yurts, cabin remodels and more. We offer exceptional value at a highly competitive rate. We strive to build a rapport with each of our customers as we curate a plan to meet your needs.

We are able to meet and surpass these needs in part, due to our general contractors and General Contractors Reno NV subcontractors that work with us at Tripeak Construction Reno NV. Those who work here in the Reno Nevada area are the strength of the company. Our strengths reside in the skills and character of our people. We believe in delivering personalized service and quality regardless of the project size or budget. Our focus is more about quality than quantity. Throughout the years we have worked with hundreds of contractors and subcontractors In different capacities. I have found it increasingly important to maintain visibility on each General Contractors job site. This allows us to communicate and build relationships based on the tradition of trust through dedication, collaboration, customer satisfaction, value and creation. Sometimes this is the best summed up as good old fashioned communication.

Our vision at Tripeak Construction Reno NV is to become a construction franchise built on a brand of Integrity, quality workmanship and the finer details. We are currently working to develop and utilize the system to make it easier for future construction contractors and subcontractors to start and maintain a successful construction company. While doing business with franchises and franchisees I have seen the importance of an organized system that has a proven map to success, for both. We would love to be part of your next Creation with that whether it is helping to maximize retail space or creating your ideal residential living area we look forward to meeting you and working with you.

We offer commercial construction services to General Contractors Reno NV and have been helping retail and business owners utilize every square foot of retail space to maximize profits since 2008. Tripeak Construction Reno NV specializes in tenant improvements and uplifts. Your end result is a turnkey, finished store ready for products merchandise or whatever it is you are selling. We understand that tenant Improvement construction is done to configure a space to better suit the tenant needs and often is required prior to actual buildout. Keeping this in mind the construction of your project will be evaluated regularly and with the owner on site when possible. Reports will include inspection results, pictures of projects if applicable and any schedule updates or notifications of potential delays. See our website at

See our website at https://tripeakconstruction.com or (775) 376-3190