General Contractors Reno NV Tri Peak Construction can help you after a winter storm and your pipes have frozen. We will cause minimal damage to the drywall while trying to reach the pipe that has frozen. We can patch the frozen pipe or we can replace it so that there are no weak spots that might cause a problem in the future. We will make the repair look invisible by matching the paint and making sure that there are no seams that can be seen. If the broken pipe caused water damage to your carpet we will make sure that it’s dry and tacked back down or we can replace that as well. We will ensure there is no moisture left behind that can cause damaging mold that might make you sick.

General Contractors Reno NV Water damage to your walls or ceiling is not a problem either. We will measure the number of drywall boards needed. We have a professional installer, who again will make this a seamless repair. We can match any texture that was previously on the ceiling or wall or we can give it a whole new look. We clean up any messes that are made and we will carry away all debris from the water damage. We take great care and pride when covering any furniture that happens to be in the room. We will ensure there is no overspray from any of the painting sprayed on the walls traveling through the house to another room. Tri Peak Construction will have minimal impact on the other rooms in your house when it comes to the cleanliness of the repair. We will backfill at the base of the wall ensuring that there are no insects that can creep into your home. This will also make a seamless transition between the walls and the ceiling or the walls in the floor. The look will be smooth. If you want an enhancing feature, you could add crown molding to give it a classy look.

General Contractors Reno NV Heaven forbid there would be any damage by sewage. Should there beDamage from sewage we can take care of the problem. You will not even notice that the problem ever occurred. No residual smell or residue would be left behind. Sewage damage is the worst but withTri Peak Constructions experts, we can handle the job. No one wants to experience the damage or disruption caused by sewage damage in their home. We can provide Hazmat service that will disinfect anything that was affected by the spillage.

We use the best of products to clean up these kinds of messes. Industrial disinfectants are the best products to use to bring your home back to a healthy environment. Should there be any damage to the concrete construction of the home or the flooring, we will only replace what is absolutely necessary to get your home back to a clean state. Disinfecting all surfaces is a priority. The fear of illness from a spill such as this is exactly what we want to prevent. or You can reach us at (775) 376-3190

Contractors Reno NV| Humidity and mold

The normal concern when this type of damage occurs we have the products needed that will control this worry.. We are trained in handling a crawl space or flat cement surfaces that may retain the moisture or any micro-organisms that would cause mold to grow and leave an unsafe environment For your family to reside in. The health and safety of your family is top priority at Tri Peak Construction. We will protect your family just like we would our own. After all, doing unto others as you would have others do unto you has always been the best policy. We are trained and certified in following Hazmat protocol.

Contractors Reno NV| Rebuild commercial space that is better than you could have imagined. Tri Peak Construction wants to help you build better. Rebuilding or remodeling commercial buildings can be the difference between being a profitable business and non-profitable business. We want to be part of your dream whenever we team up with your company for repairs or remodeling. We take pride in our Construction Services. We guarantee that our building is better than our competition. With our exceptional service, we proudly serve our clients. We understand your office is more than just a building. We understand it is where you create new ideas and help others dreams come true as well as your own.

Contractors Reno NV| As an entrepreneur and a dreamer, you may have an exceptional business idea or plan but one thing you need to execute your vision is a commercial space this is where Tri Peak construction comes in. When you hire us you can focus on the central things like your business while we bring your commercial structure to life. Whether you’re building a physical fitness center, a restaurant or challenge course, you can utilize us to remodel and renovate or create your business. Our services include everything you need for both interior and exterior renovation. We can take care of any size of a commercial project. On a small scale projects we can include opening up new spaces or locations, rebranding your business or adding to your current space. Some of our commercial projects have been an education building, healthcare facility, a restaurant and even a strip mall. A warehouse might be an option you prefer. Multifamily housing Is our specialty. We can help you design or create the facility

We have the means and equipment to clear your project land before beginning. We can run the plumbing and the water before laying the foundation once the foundation is complete and dry we will start the structure. We can use reinforced beams if you are in a bad weather area. We have quality construction materials and products to complete your project. No matter how big or small the project is, our licensed contractors are able to facilitate the work that is needed. Professionalism and quality are what we strive for the most. Timely completion of your project is important to us as well as staying within your budget. Calling us or reaching out to us on our website is the best decision. or You can reach us at (775) 376-3190