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We are a locally owned Construction Company serving all of Reno, NV and surrounding areas, we specialize in Painting, Siding, and Remodels for Commercial and Residential Clients. We take a one-on-one approach with all of our Clients to ensure all their Project needs are met. Additions to an existing structure, construction design service, new structure construction, remodeling, structural repair. We can do additional stories, a balcony, deck, new rooms, patio, porch or Terrace stairs. We can do drywall installation or drywall repair. We can do fences or gate staining, fiber cement siding repair, metal siding repairs, any siding repair.
General Contractors Reno NV We can tackle stone repair, stucco vinyl siding repair, wood siding repair, exterior painting, brick siding insulation, deck or porch staining, drywall repairs, fiber cement siding insulation metal siding installation,Stone siding insulation stucco siding insulation vinyl siding installation wood siding installation and Residential Services. You can now request consultation from Tri-State Construction directly. Bring your home to life. We can take care of your summer maintenance check. We have the know-how on installing a garage or a garage door. We can convert your garage into a living space. We can make this a great space for your children or can use it for a B&B for added income. We can even add an exterior interest to the garage if you wanted to make it for the B&B
General Contractors Reno NV Avoid costly mistakes when hiring a contractor by going with Tripeak Construction. We can do bathroom remodels, bathroom exhaust, renovations, or new cabinetry.Two common types of sink installations are overmount and undermount. Overmount sinks “drop in” to the countertop’s hole; they have a lip and metal clips to stay in place. Undermount sinks, installed beneath the countertop, stick to the bottom of its surface with construction adhesive.Once you’ve selected the type of installation, choose between a single or double basin sink. You can also choose the best faucets for installation that fit your needs. We have the perfect countertops for you. We can make your floors look brand new whether it’s wood or a ceramic tile you prefer. We are licensed and insured for your protection and ours. It is best to hire a pro for any installations
General Contractors Reno NV Homeowners remodel their kitchens for many reasons. Maybe they have outdated wallpaper or appliances and want to freshen things up. Or they’re selling the house and looking to improve resale value. Either way, remodeling the kitchen has an instant impact. Even the smallest improvements can make the space more enjoyable to use, and your home more attractive to buyers.Tripeak Construction is your local kitchen remodeling experts specializing in cabinet refacing, redooring, custom cabinets, our Original Tune-Up and cabinet painting. Offering five service options to update, upgrade, and uplift kitchens to meet a wide range of budgets and timelines. Whether you are seeking a quick refresh or a full kitchen remodel, contact Tri Peak Construction team for a no-obligation consultation. or (775) 376-3190
General Contractors Reno NV Tri Peak Construction cabinetry, cabinet doors, and drawer fronts are available in a
wide range of styles, colors, and finishes. Also ask about countertops, backsplash, tile, flooring, and more. No matter
which service is the best fit or the scope of your project, Tripeak Construction will make your kitchen look and feel transformed. Let’s create a kitchen that inspires and uplifts you.If you’re handy, you can save even more money on a remodel, but it’s important to know your limits. Some redos are best left to kitchen remodeling professionals. Pay a professional to do your upgrade. We are the perfect professional for your job

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General Contractors Reno NV The average cost to paint kitchen cabinets can be reduced. By priming and painting the cabinetry, we’ll reduce the cost and increase the value. In just one weekend, you’ll have virtually new cabinets that take your kitchen from dark and dated to light and bright. How we at Tri Peak Construction paint kitchen cabinets, step by step: Remove all cabinet doors and hardware. Spread doors on wood two-by-fours stretched between sawhorses. between sawhorses. Wipe down doors with a damp rag to remove dust. Lightly sand doors. Sanding creates a smooth surface for the new paint.Apply primer with a low-pressure spray gun. Spray on two coats of paint finish. Let dry before replacing hardware. A tile backsplash has two benefits: It makes it easier to clean splattered cooking grease, and completely transforms your kitchen. Installation takes two days and requires a lot of tools, this really isn’t a job for rookies.
General Contractors Reno NV Installation takes two days and requires a lot of tools, this really isn’t a job for rookies. Installing a backsplash requires a lot of measuring and leveling. You’ll also need to cut tiles to fit around electrical outlets and awkward spaces. A lot can go wrong if you don’t know what you’re doing. You might wind up with too few tiles or an uneven backsplash pattern if you tried doing this yourself, turning your pricey investment into an embarrassing eyesore.A better option: Pick out the materials you want and hire a Tri Peak Construction to finish the job. Popular but expensive material options include ceramic, glass, marble, and stone. Peel-and-stick subway tile and mosaics are more affordable.
General Contractors Reno NV Peel-and-stick tiles won’t boost your home’s resale value. They’re prone to peel at the corners and look noticeably different from the real thing. So if you’re aiming for quality, it’s better to splurge on the genuine article. Install vinyl wallpaper, or staple fabric to pre-cut particle board, and lay tempered glass over the surface. There’s no grout to worry about. Updating countertops will give your old kitchen a whole new look without maxing out the budget. Plastic laminate, natural stone, butcher block, and solid surface are popular options.On a tight budget? Laminate, sold under the brand name Formica, is affordable, attractive. For a more high-end overhaul, consider solid-surface countertops. A kitchen-renovation contractor like Tri peak Construction can help you pick out the best kitchen countertops for your home. We can be reached at or (775) 376-3190