Communication is key. General Contractors Reno NV understand that communication is key but so is understanding. That is why we offer free in person estimates of those in the local area. We want to be able to walk through the property with you so that we can better understand your vision. We are passionate about making your vision a reality and stewarding well the blueprints that you have set out for us. That is why we offer open frequent communication. We also like to bring you in on everything we are doing so that we can make sure that your project is completed the way you want it to be, down to the Last Detail.

Communication is far more important than people realize when it comes to a building project. especially when it comes to commercial buildings where you are not the owner of the building. General Contractors Reno NV take the utmost care to make sure that our updates are done without damage when you are not the owner of the building. We also try to make sure that we communicate everything down to the Last Detail because we don’t want to get to the end of a project and realize we miss something due to lack of communication. Communication is what brings progress in construction projects.

Tri Peak construction understands that to be one of the best General Contractors Reno NV has to offer, we have to communicate. I can’t count how many times I have seen clients with other companies complain that they can’t get a hold of the Builder or company. no one likes to be left in the dark when it comes to having a home or business remodeled! It can be frustrating when someone doesn’t communicate with you on your home remodel. We are here to break down those barriers. We offer quality communication and customer service in our everyday efforts to make your vision come to life. We like to create lasting Impressions.

Lasting Impressions matter to us because it creates comfort in our clients. So when they move forward with remodeling their business or home in the future they feel confident in coming back to us because they know that we will answer any questions or concerns they have. We believe it is better for us to face these things head on than to ignore a client and sweep things under the rug, because when you sweep things under the rug eventually you trip. Tri Peak construction does not want you to trip and stumble, we want to build you up. Along with your home or business.

You can go online to try Pete and fill out our contact us form where we will have someone reach out to you in a day’s time. You can also call us at 775-376-3190 where a member of our team will be able to walk you through the estimate process and how bidding works. We understand that the market for supplies changes all the time which is why we offer a 15-day estimate timeline. After 15 days the bid will expire and we will have to rebid because of how quickly the supply Market changes so go online or give us a call today to get started on your dream.

General Contractors Reno NV | A company you’ll come back to

Finding a company you can trust is hard. There is such a broad Market when it comes to General Contractors Reno NV. but there is a reason that we are ranked 5 out of 5 stars on Google reviews. You’re passionate about your remodel being the focal point of others attention when they come into your business or your home, it will feel like the place to be! We pursue nothing short of Excellence and all that we do, and we are ready to pursue Excellence for you. Even our reviews mention how happy clients have been with our work ethic.

construction doesn’t just build for homes and businesses. We build up people too. For General Contractors Reno NV things can sometimes be difficult, we work hard to push through no matter how inconvenient if that back can be. We want to create lasting memories for clients. By focusing on our quality and integrity we create business relationships that allow people the comfort to come back because they know they can trust us to steward their business well. We’re highly capable and professional individuals with the passion of a small business.

We pride ourselves on integrity and consistency so that we can make sure your project is completed in the way that you need. We’ve had several reviews left for us about how customers just like you had their projects turn out exactly how they expected. We show up on time and we work hard at what we do. General Contractors Reno NV cannot compete with our work ethic and quality. We are the best at what we do because of our passion. you will not be disappointed in working with us, we push past the comparison to other businesses because we are the leader in home and Business remodels.

Cody believes in not cutting corners and delivering quality craftsmanship. He believes in creating a company that people will come back to for years to come, and being a business that you can entrust with your projects. We don’t want to just do one project and be done. We want to help you achieve all of your project dreams over the years. Choosing us as your business partner for remodels is an investment into your future. you will be highly satisfied with our quality of work and communication.

Just like others in your situation, you will be highly satisfied with the end result of working with us. You can go online to our website at or you can give us a call At 775-376-3190 and we will make sure to get you a free estimate and go over your remodel plans with you. We are eager and willing to make your money work for you so that your investment is stewarded well. We look forward to hearing from you and we look forward to working with you.