Contractors Reno NV Tri Peak Construction is a multi-family reconstruction and construction company in the Reno Nevada area. Our construction crews have the experience to ensure that commercial reconstruction projects are done right, from the start to the finish. Services we provide: Finding a reconstruction company ready to address all of your needs can be challenging. Luckily our team has years of experience in the following areas. Construction defect repair, major rehabilitation projects, such as re-roofing, residing, mechanical, electrical and painting. We can take care of siding and trim repairs, apartment repair services, doors and windows installation, building envelope maintenance and improvements, as well as, special and unique projects

General Contractors Reno NV Our reconstruction process. Our number one priority is to identify what it is that you are needing. We begin by working with you to understand your needs and what factors may influence the outcome of a project. By understanding your constraints our team can apply their expertise for the best possible results. Let’s work together. By working with you we can identify potential pitfalls in time wasting issues before they become problems. This reduces cost and headaches as projects progress. Start to finish Tri Peak Construction works with you in order to ensure that the project stays on its timeline and it’s done properly. We have some of the best customer service and support in the business. We offer additional services that might be outside the traditional scope of reconstruction.

General Contractors Reno NV Other restoration services we provide are 24/7 emergency response 365 days a year, dryouts dehumidification and water extraction. We can do mold remediation, biohazard Remediation and Disposal. We can do leak investigations, board up services and roof tarping. We can provide vehicle impact structural damage and earthquake damage, quality interior and exterior building back. For Insurance repairs, Tri Peak Construction fights for you and represents your interest. We can also assess fire and smoke damage repairs. Our quotess are cost free. We can provide the assessment you need for your insurance company while ensuring them that it will be quality work and construction in a timely manner.

General Contractors Reno NV | Tri Peak Construction specializes

In building envelope construction, reconstruction, and maintenance. Our clientele include property managers, building owners, HomeOwner Association Board of directors, Architects, and Engineers throughout Reno Nevada. We take pride in maintaining a reputation of being friendly, accommodating and transparent With our clients. We continually raise expectations ensuring all needs are met and client satisfaction is achieved. We remain engaged throughout the entire process with incredible attention to detail. Our goal is to complete your project ahead of schedule and under budget. Get in touch with us to start a project today. So that we can get started on identifying the problem, repairing the issue and preventing it from happening again, contact us for a free estimate so we can get started. I’m just leaving the message with your name telephone number and email at our website or Go to or You can reach us at (775) 376-3190

General Contractors Reno NV Tri Peak Construction was founded with the vision of doing things the right way. We take pride in all of our employees which is reflected in our quality of work. Honesty and transparency are pure Reflections that we are confident with our quality of work. All our employees are handpicked professionals from the best in their trade. Look at our testimonies and see for yourself. We strive for quality and\cost effectiveness. Let us know what questions you have and we will try to answer them to the best of our ability. Honesty and integrity are the best methods. When we gain your trust you’re more likely to return when you have work this needs to be done in the future

General Contractors Reno NV Our company owner, project managers, and Carpenters have Decades of experience working in the construction defect. We all want to address each unique concern of our clients. We treat our customers like family. With our depth of knowledge and skill, you can hire us with complete peace of mind. We are skilled Craftsman who have proven records of finding and finishing projects ahead of schedule, below budget, and above expectations. We work hard to maintain competitive pricingWith extensive involvement in your project throughout the entire process. Tri Peak Construction maintains focus on bringing damaged and defective buildings back to life and original working order using three important and a critical reconstructive phases

GeneralĀ  Contractors Reno NV Three critical phases Tri Peak Construction follows Rather than simply repairing the damage we first identify the source of the issue at hand. Identifying the problem is the first phase of obtaining quality and professional work. After all, if you don’t know what the problem is and you have not identified what’s causing an issue there’s no way to get the issue fixed where it won’t happen again. Prevention is the next phase. We target the origin and create a long-term solution and plan to prevent the issue from occurring again to reduce any related future costs. We pride ourselves in the lowest cost for the best quality Repairing is the final phase. Finally, we skillfully and confidently repair the damage that caused you to call us in the first place. Our promises to you are open communication. We believe in complete transparency. We keep all goals and expectations aligned to ensure everyone’s needs are met throughout the duration of the project. Our priority is always to prevent future issues rather than simply repair damage we will find the sources of your problem fix it and prevent it from ever occurring again

We care about your project. Our goal is to leave you with your project feeling great about our work. We care more about satisfied clients than doing it the cheap and easy way. We care more about having a crew of the best, most trained carpenters and technicians. We are happy to prepare a free estimate. Contact us for the free estimate so we can get started at identifying the problems, repairing the issues and preventing it from ever happening again. We are happy to prepare a free estimate so we know how we can meet your needs. or (775) 376-3190