General Contractors Reno NV At the gallery here at Tri Peak Construction you’ll find residential remodels and updates, patio covers, and front porch remodels for residents. We have a mammoth retail store space and custom furniture. We have our North Star tenant Improvement Showing what a commercial space uplift or Improvement looks like. The tenant usually has a pretty good idea what types of things they would like to accomplish when extending the lease. With improvements. They want to accomplish the improvements that make their store more accommodating. Usually before new tenants move in and start a new lease, improvement perimeters have already been gone over before the tenant begins the new lease.

General Contractors Reno NV A new tenant usually has a list of the Improvements they would like to have made. Some of the improvements they may want to make are demolition and replacement of the flooring which may include tile, vinyl, or carpet. Tri Peak Construction has a great selection of flooring materials. Lighting and improvements may need to be made by making sales display cases with special lighting. Creating a focal Point with lighting is the best way. Lighting is important and can increase sales by making your store warm and inviting or bold and contrasting. You may highlight and personalize your brand using themed wall decorations or veneers. Some of our clients want to include ceiling textures or raising or lowering a certain area. Color themes are popular as well. A tenant may want to add or remove a wall or simply move it to a different location.

General Contractors Reno NV Before signing a new lease you may want to think about these things. When renovating a retail space, you may need to add a new bathroom. Conditions that may affect your boundaries are the City and County licensing. Some limit the type of materials you’re allowed to use. If you’re a clothing store you may want to add a new display window or even a dressing room. If selling rocket fizzies you might need to add a counter or container holders for your various flavors. Tri Peak Construction can make large oversized display Windows where the customer can walk by and see everything displayed. This draws in the street traffic.

General Contractors Reno NV We at Tri Peak Construction have the right furniture and fixtures for your store brand This will help you create the perfect retail space. We will help you create the display cases you need for your various products. Our general contractors help you create the product that’s reflective of your needs.We will help you maximize your profits with the professional cases that we build. Also, we will utilize the space efficiently to get the most display space for your product. Our large selection of materials can help your space look exactly the way you want. or (775) 376-3190

General Contractors Reno NV| For a reboot

Remodeling can give you the fresh start your brain needs. Changes to our physical environment can give us a reboot too. Changes in your routine habit and dynamics of your household especially, can look different for everyone. Enlarging a communal area of living space will alter the dynamics of your home. A residential remodel could be something simple or a major overhaul. This could be expanding a room, removing a wall, or converting a garage into a room.We can convert any space into a bedroom or an open space for an office. We know you would like to add your unique touches. Your home is your Castle

General Contractors Reno NV| Sometimes a bathroom remodel or a bedroom remodel or even a kitchen is exactly what you need.There are many moving parts to a kitchen remodel Tri Peak Construction can help you navigate through. The conversion can be all the difference in the world when it comes to getting your family ready for work and school in the morning. We want to help you make your life run smoothly. The laundry next to the master bedroom can make things much easier in getting chores done quickly. Having a nice space to fold or hang your clothing makes the chore of laundry much easier to tackle. Our goal is to make life easier for you so that you can spend your time having fun.

General Contractors Reno NV| All details are very important to us at Tri Peak Construction. saving you both time and money with our efficiency and cost conscious products. Our general contractors are the best. We want things to go smoothly When renovating your home to make the disruption as light as possible. Doing a remodel and updating your home Increases the home’s value and gives you a chance to get all old materials out of the house. It gives you a fresh feeling of a healthy new beginning. By using the appropriate moisture barriers and creating and improving your air flow, it helps cut down on illnesses and allergies. We can improve on this with the new doors and windows we have available. They will help control the loss of hot or cold air from inside the house escaping to the outside. By adding new windows and doors it will make your heating and cooling effective and efficient, lower your heating and cooling bills.

Making your aging home a new paradise just like it was when you first bought it will energize your day. This will encourage you to be ready to tackle anything that comes your way. All of us deserve the perfect haven that makes us feel safe and comfortable when we’re home. In many ways a home remodel gives you the positive mental attitude to improve your life’s work. Bright colors and bringing in the sunshine can liven up that dull gloomy cloud that’s been looming over you. We want to energize your day by making you a power force in the world. You may not have all the answers to Life’s problems but a remodel will make you feel like you can conquer anything. Let us walk you through the process of making your life simple by improving your home. or (775) 376-3190 are the website and phone number you can reach us at.